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Walk-In Clinic Serving Signal Hill, Signature Park, Richmond Hill, and Surrounding Areas

Our practice provides family care, same-day appointments, immunizations, and more.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

In 2018, our team of passionate doctors and wellness practitioners launched a new clinic concept designed to provide comprehensive care and an excellent patient experience. We called it Signature Medical Centre.  


Signature Medical Centre offers a one-stop shop for all your health and wellness needs. We offer both scheduled and walk-in appointments, and our clinic works collaboratively with Signature Drug Mart to fulfill all of your prescription needs.


Our goal is to help create healthier families and communities. We treat patients of all ages: infants, the elderly, and everyone in between! From annual physical appointments to specialized screenings and exams, we offer comprehensive care. Our family clinic also serves as a "hub" that can refer you to more specialized resources as needed.


Our experienced doctors are always available to address our patients' health concerns. We strive to create an open and welcoming environment that allows our patients to ask questions and learn more about managing their health.


To discover the Signature difference, book a consultation today.


Our Services

Calgary Women's Health Walk-In Clinic

Our Clinic

At Signature Medical Women's Health Clinic, we are committed to providing our patients with a range of advice and services related to women's general and reproductive health. We focus on ensuring our patients are equipped with all of the information, support, and care they need in making informed choices regarding their health; whether it's providing guidance regarding the right birth control options for your lifestyle, offering prenatal and postnatal advice, to supporting women as they transition through menopause.   IUD Clinic Reproductive…

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Routine and Family Appointments Calgary Walk-In Clinic

Routine And Family Appointments

Annual Physical Exams An annual physical exam provides your doctor with a comprehensive overview of your health. Age-appropriate screening tests are done as per Alberta Clinical Practice Guidelines. This involves recording or updating your medical history, including family medical history. Your doctor may also ask you about any relevant health or lifestyle changes. At your physical, your doctor will also conduct an examination of major body systems. Patients with ongoing medical conditions may require more frequent, specialized visits. Meet Dr. Shymansky   Routine Visits For…

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Women's Health Clinic Calgary

Women's Health Clinic

Signature Health understands that every woman’s journey to health and healing is unique. Our team of doctors and clinical support staff are committed to ensuring that each patient receives the information and support they require to take control of their journey and achieve health and wellness. Signature Health focuses on Women’s Health with the following services: IUD Clinic Reproductive Health Menopause Sexual Health/Drop-in Pap Program Breast Cancer Screening Referral Form IUD Clinic  Intrauterine Devices, or IUDs (sometimes also called Intrauterine…

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Calgary Seniors' Care Walk-In Clinic

Seniors' Health Care

Seniors' Health Options At Our Medical Clinic At Signature Medical Centre, we want to ensure that seniors can live happy, healthy lives in optimal health. Our dedicated GPs can: monitor and test seniors’ physical and cognitive health over time provide senior-specific immunizations provide a prescription for medications management of ongoing health conditions provide information about age-appropriate nutrition and activity levels provide drivers' medical exams make referrals to other service providers, specialists, and agencies In addition to physical…

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