Drivers' Medical Exams

A Drivers’ Medical Exam Keeps You And Others Safe On The Road

A driver’s medical exam is a routine exam that is meant to ensure that a person is healthy, fit, and able to drive safely on Alberta’s roads.

This medical exam may need to be done because of a person’s occupation, age category. Individuals with certain health conditions may also need to undergo a driver’s medical exam in order to ensure that they are able to drive safely. Walk-in patients that need Driver's Medical Exams first need proper blood work and a physical exam.   

Drivers' Medical Exam For Occupational Reasons

Commercial drivers must have their health tested because the nature of their jobs is more complicated than simply operating a standard car or truck. For example, a professional truck driver might be driving long distances, for long periods of time.

Additionally, due to the size of the vehicles, a collision involving a large truck may have much more significant consequences than an auto accident with standard sized cars. Finally, those who drive commercially may be transporting hazardous cargo or be required to do physical labour in addition to their driving.


Drivers' Medical Exam For Seniors

As we age, health on many different fronts tends to deteriorate. Seniors are more susceptible than the general population to certain conditions which can affect the ability to drive, such as visual and auditory impairment, coordination issues, and even neurological conditions such as dementia.

What Does A Driver’s Medical Exam For Seniors Involve?

At your seniors’ driver’s medical exam, your physician may check:

  • your vision
  • your hearing
  • your blood pressure
  • your cognitive abilities

Your physician may also go over your health history, as well as any medications that you are taking.

When Do I Need A Senior’s Driver’s Medical Exam?

At the age of 75, you will likely receive a letter from the government telling you to arrange a medical exam. An exam is required at age 80, and every two years thereafter. As you plan for retirement, it may be a good idea to begin taking stock of how your health may impact your driving.

Seniors’ Health


Drivers' Medical Exam For Health Reasons

In some cases, individuals with certain health conditions may need to undergo a drivers’ exam. Not all health conditions require testing: usually, only conditions that impact mental health should be tested.

These include:

  • vision impairment
  • hearing loss
  • cardiovascular conditions
  • seizures and epilepsy
  • neurological disorders (MS, Parkinson’s)
  • cerebrovascular disease (stroke)

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DriveABLE Program

In addition to a medical exam, some patients are required to take a driving assessment. These tests are conducted by an independent agency. Results from these tests are then reviewed by your physician.


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Frequently Asked Questions


When Will I Get The Results Of My Medical Drivers’ Exam?

After your medical exam, the documentation referencing your medical and/or physical condition is submitted. It takes approximately 6 weeks for your case to be reviewed.

Does A Negative Health Result Mean I Won’t Be Able To Drive?

It is true that in some cases a driver’s medical exam might reveal that someone is unfit to drive. However, in many other cases, even an adverse health result doesn’t mean a total removal from the road.

Patients may instead be issued a license with a lower classification, or be required to take certain measures while driving (such as wearing glasses).


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