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At Signature Medical Centre, we empower our patients to take control of their health by providing reliable advice regarding sexual and reproductive health.

Our team members are dedicated to helping Calgarians effectively manage and understand their reproductive health. A key part of this is routine STI screenings.

Who Needs An STI/STD Screening?

A patient may need an STI/STD screening if they are at risk for contracting STIs, or if they are pregnant. Your doctor will make a personalized recommendation based on your personal medical history.

Screenings can detect STIs early, which often makes treatment easier. It can help prevent long-term health issues, such as infertility. Additionally, if a patient does have an STI, knowing this can empower them to make decisions such as letting their partners know, to avoid spreading the infection further. We understand that some patients might have questions about confidentiality or when their results may need to be disclosed to partners, and ensure that every patient is fully informed.

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To learn more about STI testing, as well as its benefits and risks, contact our Calgary health clinic. You can reach us through our online contact form, or at 403-454-7550.

For After-Hours, Non-Emergency Assistance, contact Health Link Calgary by dialing 8-1-1. If required, a Health Link Nurse will make an appointment for you at the Access 365 Clinic located at Riley Park Primary Care Centre. 

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