Seniors' Health Care

Continuous Health Care Throughout Every Stage Of Life

As individuals age, their risk of developing various health conditions increases. At our medical clinic, we treat elders with the compassionate care that they deserve and ensuring that they stay informed about their health and treatment options. 

As a family care practice, we created our medical clinic with families in mind. Because of this, we are well equipped to coordinate with senior patients’ caregivers to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Seniors' Health Options At Our Medical Clinic

At Signature Medical Centre, we want to ensure that seniors can live happy, healthy lives in optimal health.

Our dedicated GPs can:

  • monitor and test seniors’ physical and cognitive health over time
  • provide senior-specific immunizations
  • provide a prescription for medications
  • management of ongoing health conditions
  • provide information about age-appropriate nutrition and activity levels
  • provide drivers' medical exams
  • make referrals to other service providers, specialists, and agencies

In addition to physical health, we provide patients with advice, resources, and referrals related to:

  • cognitive conditions such as dementia
  • seniors’ emotional health and wellbeing


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As a family medical practice, we function as a hub for our patients’ health needs. From referrals to personalized treatment plans, we are always here to connect individuals to the services that they need. To learn more, contact our SW Calgary medical clinic at 403-454-7550 or through our online contact form.

For After-Hours, Non-Emergency Assistance, contact Health Link Calgary by dialing 8-1-1. If required, a Health Link Nurse will make an appointment for you at the Access 365 Clinic located at Riley Park Primary Care Centre. 

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