Minor Skin Procedures

Minor Skin Procedures

Our team is able to assist with a number of minor skin procedures. Benign growths can be treated or removed if they cause the patient discomfort, or even for aesthetic reasons.

These include:

  • removal of seborrhoeic warts
  • removal of skin tags
  • removal of plantar warts
  • removal of sebaceous cysts
  • removal of nevus (mole)

What To Expect From A Minor Skin Procedure

A minor skin procedure can be conducted in-office and does not require any time off work. The procedure may be conducted with a local anesthetic. Depending on the patient's needs, our doctors may use a scalpel, a curette (a looped instrument), or liquid nitrogen to remove or address the skin issue. Liquid Nitrogen Therapy is also used for actinic keratosis and problematic seborrhoeic keratosis.

Sometimes, a patient might need a more extensive procedure or a skin biopsy for suspicious skin lesions. In these cases, our dedicated team handles any necessary referrals and provides updates about the biopsy results.

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At our family doctors' office, we are here to provide you with 360-degree health care. If you have a suspicious mole or skin tag, or simply want to remove one that is causing discomfort, get in touch. To schedule an appointment for mole, wart, or skin tag removal, call our clinic at 403-454-7550, or reach out to us through our online contact form.

For After-Hours, Non-Emergency Assistance, contact Health Link Calgary by dialing 8-1-1. If required, a Health Link Nurse will make an appointment for you at the Access 365 Clinic located at Riley Park Primary Care Centre. 


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