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Immunizations prompt the body to build immunity against certain diseases or illnesses. A vaccine is a minuscule amount of the weakened form of a virus or a bacteria. When the patient is immunized, they are exposed to this weakened form in a controlled setting. This causes the immune system to respond and to create antibodies. If the patient is exposed to the illness, later on, their body will have the immunity to fight it off. Immunizations are commonly administered via injection in a doctor's office.

Vaccinations for Children

 All routine childhood vaccinations are administered by the public health clinic. To view the full guide, click here.

At Signature Medical Centre, our trained medical professionals ensure that your child is vaccinated according to the appropriate schedule. The children’s vaccine schedule includes vaccines for young patients between the ages of 2 months and 9th grade (13-14 years).

Our SW Calgary doctors' office provides a comforting and welcoming atmosphere to soothe even the most nervous patients. Additionally, our team is dedicated to providing parents with the ultimate peace of mind. We are always ready to provide parents who have concerns about vaccines with comprehensive and science-based guidance.

Children’s Health


Vaccinations for Adults and Seniors

Signature Medical Centre offers professional counselling regarding appropriate adult vaccinations and makes recommendations accordingly.

These vaccinations can be administered as part of your usual health schedule or can be required due to work, travel, or certain health risks. Patients can receive Flu and Pneumovax vaccinations at Signature Medical Centre. However, there are a number of vaccinations available to adults at the local public health clinic. For more information, contact your healthcare provider.

Seniors' Health


Flu Shots

The doctors at our Calgary clinic also provide flu shots, which are recommended for most patients over the age of 6 months.


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For After-Hours, Non-Emergency Assistance, contact Health Link Calgary by dialing 8-1-1. If required, a Health Link Nurse will make an appointment for you at the Access 365 Clinic located at Riley Park Primary Care Centre. 

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